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Body Vision PT 600 Home Pull Up and Chin Up Station

Body Vision PT600

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower
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As of: 2020/02/24 11:56 pm

On this page we going to take a look at the Body Vision PT600 Power Tower and give you an overview of some of the features that you get with the body champ.

Feature List

  • Capable of upper and lower body workouts
  • Chin-up and pull-up bar station with multiple grip positions
  • It has the standard dip station and  leg raise station for knee lifts
  • Slip-resistant foot grips double as push-up bars; height-adjustable
  • Padded back and arm cushions; sturdy base sets up almost anywhere
  • Dimensions: 57.5 Length x 42.5 width x 84.63 height inches.

Click here to see discounted prices for the PT600.

guy using body champ 600We will also tell you where to find the best prices and we will be looking at the customer opinion from people who have purchased so you can see what the overall opinion of this power Tower is. This is a great pull up and dip station option to workout at home with.

If you are looking to spend a little bit more money and get something that has many different functions on this is a great choice.

This power Tower will give you a multitude of different workouts that you will be able to use for your abs and your upper body and the main ones are a Chin up all pull-up station and it also gives you the option of having an inside or wide grip. You will also get a station for vertical knee raises and the dip station for upper body strength.

You will also find on this particular model that you get a non-slip foot grip and this can be used for push-ups. All of this is built on a heavy-duty steel frame and you will find that it has box style cushions and you will get a manufacturer’s warranty included.

This one is especially recommended if you want a very sturdy power tower with all of the features that you need to strengthen your core, abs, arms and back.


This will take you anywhere from 30-90 minutes to get it all setup. Body champ did a great job and keeping all the parts very organized so assembly is easier. The  manual as adequate and easy to follow.

One big tip though and the  manual suggests this as well, do not get carried away tightening everything super tight as you go. You will want some play in it as you are installing the pull-up bar to fit it in. You will need a vice grip and a socket wrench to assemble the power tower.

Customer Reviews

Looking at the customer reviews you will find that most people have rated this high and the only downside is that someone mentioned that the arm bars are too far apart but of course this depends on what you want, but it is something to consider.

If you are looking for something that is very sturdy then you will want to check this out as it will definitely give you something that you can work out and even if you are a little bit heavier we found one review with a guy using this that was 230 pounds and mentioned that it is very sturdy!

One husband really like this for his p903x workouts that his wife and he could use. He really liked this one because of the straight pull-up bar going across being all one piece. It allowed him and his wife to have different grip positions and use it.  He made a cool suggestion about putting bike handle bar tape across the bar to get it more padding that you  might want to consider once buy it.


So, throw away the door attachment pull up bar idea and consider a power tower. At the moment you can pick up the Body Vision PT600 Power Tower here for the best price.

So this is well worth looking at and will give you a great very versatile power Tower!  If you are still looking for something more check out our power tower comparison page here.

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