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Soozier Power Tower for Pull-ups & Dips

Soozier Fitness Rack

Soozier Fitness Power Tower w/ Dip Station & Pull Up Bar
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As of: 2020/02/24 11:42 am

In this review we are going to take a look at the Soozier Fitness Power Tower w/Dip Station & Pull Up Bar.

Feature List

  • Reinforced steel frame for holding your weight
  • Easy to use for multiple different workouts
  • Important and necessary tool for any workout regime
  • Overall size: 25″L x 54″W x 82.5″H
  • Max. Weight capacity: 330 lbs

Soozier Fitness Power TowerThis is another power Tower to look at if you are looking to spend the least amount of money but get the biggest bang for your buck.

Although this is not our top choice and it comes in as our sixth choice it is still worth a look and it will give you a very good power Tower to use. We will explore some of the features on this page and you will also be able to click here and go straight through to where you will be able to check out the best prices on this product.

This strength training product is fairly simple but you will be getting something that you can use that will help you lose weight and build up your torso.

This will give you a great platform to use body weight exercises and the machine will offer one great place to do push-ups, pull-ups, dips, abdominal raises and you will also be able to use the stable frame with confidence as it is augmented by supported cushions and slick free handles to give you a complete abdominal and on focus workout without having to add weights. You can also use this whether you are a complete beginner or you are looking for a tough workout as it will give you a reinforced steel frame for holding your weight and it is easy to use.

You will find that the mainframe gives you a four in one workout rack and it gives you all of the tools that you need for any workout regime.

Customer Opinion:

Looking at the customer opinion you will find that this gets five star feedback and it will give you a very sturdy unit and in fact unlike some of our other choices we could not find any bad reviews about this product it literally has five star feedback and there is anyone three-star feedback review. If you are looking to save money and you also looking to get a very simple but sturdy power Tower then you need to check this out at and we think you will be very impressed with what you are getting!

Note: One customer did comment that the picture on amazon is wrong. The pull-up bar is on the backside which is great so you don’t have to do  pull-ups within the dip bars.

There are many recent customers that quoted that it was really easy to setup and didn’t take them long at all. I saw many recent comments about how sturdy it is as well.

There is one customer who talked about how he felt that pull-up bar felt really solid and he could get a solid grip on it. He mentioned that when he did pull-ups that he hit his knees on the cross bar. Frankly you will do that on almost all of these unless you don’t angle your knees back behind you a bit. So, it’s not a major concern. It’s the nature of this equipment.


I didn’t see any complaints about the installation of it or a time frame. I’m guessing like most you will need 30-60 minutes and a socket wrench to get it all assembled.  A little trick that you should know is to not tighten all the bolts up until you get the pull-up bar installed. If you do it will be hard to get it in.


In summary this is a very simple tower that offers the standard chin-up, dip bars and even push-up bars for a lower price.

Check out the soozier fitness to read more customer comments and we think you will be very impressed with what you are getting.

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