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Weider Power Tower Home Gym

Weider Power Tower Review

Weider Power Tower
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Weider power rack is priced for everyone and has all the main features you need for your home gym.

Feature List

  • You can do pull-ups or chin-ups with it.
  • Work your triceps and shoulders with the dip bar
  • Work your abs doing vertical knee raises
  • Do incline push-ups
  • Hook up resistance bands to exercise with.

weider-power-tower_1940892In this review we are going to cover the Weider Power tower gym and tell you a bit about this power Tower and what you get with it and how it can help you with your workout.

If you are looking for something that is very similar to a multi-gym, but it will give you features that are more geared towards the upper body and body weight exercises, then you will love the weider power tower.

On this website you will be able to see a number of reviews that will showcase some of the best power towers that you can buy and our first choice is the Weider Power Tower.

We will be explaining exactly what you get in terms of features and we will also be pointing you in the right direction so you can save the most money and pick this up from

If you are in a hurry and you just want to buy this product then you scroll to the bottom of the page to buy the weider power tower. You will be able to see the product page and you will also be able to see the customer opinion of the products.

Weider Power Tower features:

  • Pull-Up Station: Padded hand grips, Add definition to your biceps and forearms
  • Push-Up Station: Padded hand grips, Work your biceps, shoulders and core
  • Dip Station: Padded hand grips, Build your triceps, chest and shoulders
  • Vertical Knee Raise (VKR) Station: Cushioned arm rests, Padded hand grips, Isolate your core to develop lean, sculpted abs
  • Sewn Vinyl Cushions: Comfortable material, Durable, built to last
  • Dimensions: 57L x 41W x 84H inches.

This power Tower it will give you everything that you need to give you a great workout.  You will get a push-up Station that will not only allow you to do push-ups, but it will also force you to maintain a perfect form that will mean you get a chiseled chest and triceps.

You will also find that you get a multi-grip pull-up station that will develop your back, shoulder and arm muscles.

You can also switch it up and use this to work your triceps, chest muscles and deltoid muscles with the dip station.

You will also get some lower ab workouts using the vertical knee raise station which will tone and sculpt your midsection and it will also help with losing inches around your waist. You simply hop up on the elbow pads with your back on the back rest. From there you can do bent legged knee raises, straight legged knee raises or go after your oblique stomach muscles by adding a twist at the end when bringing your needs up.

This is also built to last and is made of durable steel tubing so you do not need to worry about this being a cheap piece of workout equipment.

You will find that is made by renowned Weider fitness equipment maker which also work with free weight benches, dumbbell weights and other quality fitness equipment as well. In fact these are the same people that publish the muscle and fitness magazine and the trainer of Arnold Schwarzenegger so they know a thing or two about bodybuilding!

Customer Opinion:

The customer opinions of the Weider Power Tower are very good you will see that most people have rated this five star. The main reasons why is that it is very easy to install and only takes about an hour.  They are also impressed with the build quality. It’s very good and  is very sturdy. This is really what you need if you are going to be using this for chin-ups  and pull-ups. You don’t want to have the rack wobbling around when you are doing them.

It also looks good and for the price you cannot go wrong! There was one review that mentioned that it has assembly issues however most of the reviews complemented on how easy it is to assemble so we think this was just unlucky or someone that is perhaps new to put them together some of this equipment!

Weider Power Tower Summary

This is a great option for anyone who is looking for an affordable power rack to put in your home gym to workout with. Please take notes of the height which is 84 inches high. You want to make sure that this will fit in your room and not hit the ceiling. The weight capacity is also at 300 pounds so take that into consideration.

I’m sure you will like this and for the money you won’t be disappointed.

You canbuy this here for the best prices online.

If you want something that is a bit heavier duty or might have other features you did not see here, you can read our power tower reviews to find other models that might workout better for you.

Please leave any comments below if you have questions or have comments to leave to help other fitness enthusiasts who want to buy this product. You can read about other power towers here for more reviews.


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